What drives us

Based on our leadership experience in medium-sized companies, large corporations, management consultancies, the military, universities and the civil service, we have an inner drive to bring the understanding of leadership in modern organisations up to date, to strengthen leaders through our training and to eliminate leadership insecurities.

Our 5-step system of managerial development makes good ones
Managers to outstanding leaders and strengthens your organization.


With our 5-stage management development system, you will learn effective methods and processes that will help you to achieve your goals efficiently. With this system, even in difficult times, you are able to leverage hidden reserves and achieve top performance. In a first stage, a manager must be able to coordinate employees with regard to specific, more or less physical tasks, i.e. to set specific goals, to divide an overall task into partial tasks, to assign these to the employees and finally to check the achievement of goals.


Strengthen Cooperation & amp; Collaboration in the company. Through empathy, self-reflection and effective communication. In a second stage, the manager must be able to control both the WHAT and the HOW of the collaboration. Through communication, empathy, behavioral flexibility and self-reflection on the part of the manager, it is possible to effectively support employees in their task fulfillment, to enable them to solve problems independently and to motivate them through the targeted use of praise.


Become an outstanding personality. A confident appearance, representative appearance and self-confidence in all situations can be learned! Managers are often entrusted with internal and external representative tasks in their daily work. Senior managers, customers, the general public, the press and private acquaintances rightly expect a manager to be self-determined as well as a loyal but autonomous view of the company. With our support, a manager takes the step away from pure rule orientation and group conformity.


Develop imagination and methodological skills for the joy of action in times of change. This is how you create positive change. In the fourth stage, we primarily teach imagination skills and methodological skills for change. The animation of employees and colleagues to the new requires that you position yourself as a proponent and carrier of a change process. This is often characterized by accepting great risks, up to and including accepting existential risks for oneself. You typically only accept this if you feel capable of linguistically outlining a new solution and communicating it successfully.


Only the combination of excellent skills makes managers excellent leaders. For an outstanding leadership culture and outstanding success. Beyond Leadership describes the ability to cultivate leadership in the company in such a way that one’s own leadership skills are no longer required. It includes, on the one hand, the ability, without vanity, to enable other individuals to succeed them, and, on the other hand, to cultivate leadership in the organization in general, without reference to individuals.

Success Stories

Our clients are top managers, executives and high potentials from DAX corporations, medium-sized companies and other types of organisations. Read their feedback on our leadership trainings and executive coaching!

“Prof. Armbrüster and his team support us in the cultural integration of new locations as well as in coaching senior executives and training our junior executives. We are very satisfied and can particularly recommend Prof. Armbrüster and Mr. Scherer for every company.”

Dr. Marina Martini – Member of the Board of Directors, AMEOS Gruppe

“Thomas Armbrüster’s training courses on cross-cultural management are characterised by an enormous cultural breadth and comparative knowledge of national cultures. The participants are very well prepared for international management tasks.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Hühn – Prof. of Management, St. Vincent College, Pennsylvania

“Prof. Armbrüster accompanied us as Hessische Landesbahn as part of our strategy process to redefine the corporate strategy and business development, particularly with regard to new business areas. He was at our side with words and deeds; we really appreciated his pragmatic approach.”

Veit Salzmann – Chief Executive Officer, Hessische Landesbahn GmbH

“We find Prof. Armbrüster’s trainings unconventional – and very effective. Especially in terms of leadership, a whole new level, a whole new horizon than previous trainings from other providers.”

Thilo Kiefer – Managing Director, Munich Enterprise Software GmbH

“I have commissioned Prof. Armbrüster and his team in various functions with management training and executive coaching. They deliver excellent quality; effective and highly appreciated by the executives. I can highly recommend them to other companies. I also found the week-long digitalisation trip to Silicon Valley particularly impressive, with lectures, company visits and other programme items on site. I benefited a lot from it.”

Stefan Wollschläger – Head of Human Resources, KMG Kliniken SE

“Prof. Armbrüster has been the lead trainer in the leadership training programme for the managing directors of our more than 60 subsidiaries worldwide for several years. We feel a positive effect of the trainings with Prof. Armbrüster, the demanding participants are very satisfied and look forward to the next module every time. Prof. Armbrüster makes a significant contribution to the implementation of our leadership principles and the strengthening of the leadership culture in top management.

Lisa Steinemann – Head of Talent & Leadership, PERI GmbH 

“Thomas Armbrüster has been very attuned to the individual needs of the managers in our leadership and change courses and has brought the participants out of their comfort zone with a wealth of methods and experience, into learning and reflection.”

Christian Holz – Leiter Transformation & Digitalisierung, DB Akademie, Deutsche Bahn AG

“I value the cooperation with Prof. Armbrüster because all the courses are scientifically based. Because he makes even encrusted structures workable with humour and provocation and lets his participants and coachees experience the content with experiments and adventures instead of “only” understanding it cognitively.”

Dr. Christine Solf – Innovation Lead for Industries, Functions & Convergence, Accenture

“I took part in a digitisation trip by Prof. Armbrüster to Silicon Valley and learned a lot more there. It’s impressive what Mr Armbrüster gets up to in Silicon Valley and San Francisco and what you can take away for the digitisation of your company at home in Germany.”

Thomas Schmidt – Executive Director Fraport Beteiligungs-Holding GmbH

“With the conference organised by Prof. Armbrüster Silicon Valley Tour, we experienced an exciting further training for our committees at Volksbank Mittelhessen. Personally, I was thrilled by the selection of topics and especially by the speakers. We can all take a lot away from Silicon Valley — in particular, we also felt the spirit of the Valley. And we were able to develop a better understanding of the things that move our business.”

Peter Hanker – Chairman, Volksbank Mittelhessen e.G.

“I stand with my name for the effectiveness of our training.“

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