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Outdoor-Training by Prof. Armbrüster Leadership

Professionally conducted outdoor trainings promote team building like hardly any other team building measure. By teaching valuable leadership methods, leadership also grows decisively. Since 2016, we have been conducting outdoor training in Kleinwalsertal (Vorarlberg, Austria). In doing so, we work together with“Bergschule Kleinwalsertal”. Accommodation for the training participants and coaches is provided by “Marburger Haus”.

High-performing teams and weatherproof leadership through outdoor-training.

  • Team Building
    Outdoor-training promotes cohesion and trust in teams and thus ensures enormous increases in performance. Participants who may have known each other in the company for many years learn new, unexpected strengths from their colleagues – and recognize how to deal with their weaknesses.

  • Leadership
    Outdoor-training leads to an enormous increase in leadership skills and thus to greater confidence in action on the part of team leaders and other managers. Their teams and the entire company benefit from this. In the process, the team leaders are confronted with great challenges. Within a very short time they have to overcome (secured) dangers and master difficult situations with their team.

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The two orientations of our Outdoor-Trainings: Team Building and Leadership

Team Building

The immediate, physical collaboration and task accomplishment of colleagues in the open air, in sunshine and in rain, provides an enormous gain in trust within a team. The participants, who may have known each other in the company for many years, get to know each other all over again in a completely new way. It is not uncommon to learn completely new, undreamed-of strengths from colleagues. And sometimes also weaknesses, which, however, can be transformed into complementary cooperation through the joint accomplishment of tasks.

The result of outdoor team training is an enormous increase in team performance, based on a significant increase in mutual trust.


The tasks that the respective team leader (approx. 2 to 3 hours per person) has to master with the team pose enormous challenges. Within two to three hours, for example, a (simulated) injured hiker must be rescued from a gorge or obstacles such as ravines or bodies of water must be safely overcome using limited technical means. The task of the respective team leader is to first understand the task in its full dimension, to divide it into subtasks, to find suitable team members for the subtasks and delegate them to them, to coordinate and control their activities. Emphasis is placed on communication to the team members and the generation of community spirit.

The result of an outdoor leadership training is an enormous increase in the leadership skills of the participants and a significant gain in confidence.

The Outdoor-Training: Setting

Location – Persons – Tasks – Duration

In our outdoor-trainings for leaders we give you a skillset to develop your new leadership strengths and to expand, consolidate and increase your qualities as a leader. Our trainings will benefit you in many situations in your professional life – in classic leadership tasks and in dealing with challenges that always require a strong team.

  • Location
    Our outdoor trainings take place in the mountains and valleys of Kleinwalsertal in Vorarlberg, Austria. Kleinwalsertal is easy to reach from Germany via Oberstdorf.

  • Duration
    An outdoor training usually lasts three days. On the first morning, there is an introduction in the seminar room at Marburger Haus. Then it’s off to the outdoors for two and a half days.

  • Task
    10 – 12 people form a group. Each participant is given the lead for one task – that is, for 2 to 3 hours. As a team leader he has to cope with difficult tasks with the team.

  • Feedback
    Each group is accompanied by one of our coaches and for safety by the mountain rescuers of the Bergschule Kleinwalsertal. After each task there is feedback – among each other (participants) and from the coach.

Experienced Coaches for effective Outdoor-Training

Strong Leadership for Teams & Leaders

Our outdoor coaches have relevant experience. Both Prof. Armbrüster and four of his coaches are reserve officers of the German and French armed forces, respectively. Through missions before 1989 during the Cold War (Prof. Armbrüster) and during foreign missions of the German Armed Forces between 2001 and 2015 in Kosovo and Afghanistan (four coaches), the team of trainers can look back on a wealth of operational experience and pass it on to training participants. In addition, the mountain guides of the Kleinwalsertal Mountain School ensure safety on site.

Thomas Scherer - Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services GmbH

Thomas Scherer
Reserve Officer of the German Armed Forces, deployments including Afghanistan

Martin Scherer, Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services GmbH

Martin Scherer
Reserve Officer of the German Armed Forces, deployments including Kosovo

André Beckers, Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services GmbH

André Beckers
Reserve Officer of the German Armed Forces, deployments including Afghanistan

Arnaud Arène, Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services GmbH

Arnaud Arène
Reserve officer of the French Army, assignments including Afghanistan

Effective Methods

Diverse tasks at the Outdoor-Training

  • Bridge / Rope Bridge Construction

  • Expedition in rough terrain without GPS

  • Rappelling

  • Canyoning

  • Geo Coaching

  • Overcoming ravines

  • Rescue and transport of injured people

  • Construction of a temporary night shelter

  • Climbing

  • Campfire

  • Rafting

  • Aerial cableway

  • Water Ski

  • Raft Building

Our outdoor trainings help executives, team leaders and their teams or their organizations to become more effective by developing team strength and cohesion based on proven trust. Get in touch with us. We will put together the right outdoor training for you.

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