Media Coaching for Top Managers and Politicians

Every media appearance can make an enormous difference for representatives of companies, parties or other organizations: the gain or loss of sympathy and support. Not least because they can be accessed on the Internet at any time, even short media appearances often have a long-term effect: every second of broadcasting can be retrieved and shown again and again. The right appearance in the media must therefore be well prepared and learned. Natural talent is rare.

  • Media Coaching for Top Managers:
    General meetings, interviews, public statements in times of crisis require good preparation, aplomb and composure.

  • Media Coaching for Top Politicians:
    Their appearance on talk shows, interviews, parliamentary debates, and televised debates pays direct dividends in terms of winning votes and gaining popularity and support within their own party.

  • Media Coaching for Representatives of other Organizations:
    Representatives of NGOs, associations or public institutions such as federal agencies can also be prepared very effectively for TV appearances or interviews.

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Confident thanks to Media Expertise

Panel discussions, talk shows, debates and any public appearances are equally challenging for top managers, politicians and representatives of other organizations. They require not only a professional, rhetorically good, but also a sympathy-generating appearance. Rhetorical persuasiveness as well as impulse control and repartee can be trained and gradually increased.

But how do you master the statesmanlike appearance? How do you present yourself as a resilient leader? How do you walk the fine line between sovereignty and arrogance?

Professional Media Coaching gives strength

Preparation for top managers, politicians and other public figures

In our media coaching sessions for top managers, politicians and public figures, we provide you with a skillset that will enable you to confidently master all high-profile events, debates, interviews and other media appearances. Our media coaching for top managers helps at annual general meetings, as preparation for unpredictable events where crisis communication is necessary, but also at internal company events where the impact can be felt externally. Our media trainings for politicians are especially used before an election campaign, for talk shows and debates. Prepare for these dates and situations with our media coaching instead of leaving their impact and your reactions to chance.

  • Ex-Ante-Analysis
    If you have already made media appearances, we analyze them in detail with regard to argumentative coherence, repartee and body language.

  • Strengths/weaknesses analysis.
    If video recordings of you do not already exist, we stage interview or talk show appearances in coaching, recording you on camera and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses in detail – from body language and facial expressions to emotionality and the spoken word.

  • Strengthening argumentative coherence.
    We discuss each individual topic for which a public appearance is possible and prepare coherent argumentation chains together.

  • Strengthening repartee.
    We agree on a list of topics on which you have a possible public appearance and work out easily remembered answers. Together we bring individual arguments to the point with humor and establish a positive future reference in each case. In this way, we ensure your quick-wittedness even in the case of sudden, unexpected appearances.

  • Strengthening impulse control.
    People like likable people, and likable people are neither bad-tempered nor do they react impulsively. We analyze your tendency to be impulsive and develop strategies for impulse control.

  • Strengthening body language
    A convincing public appearance naturally includes successful body language. It should radiate sovereignty and composure, but no arrogance. We analyze the choice of clothing, the posture while standing or sitting, the manner in which you approach your conversation partners, and your facial expressions.

  • Ex-Post-Analysis
    After each public appearance of yours, we analyze your performance in terms of argumentative persuasion, repartee and body language.

Our media coaching sessions remain completely confidential. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) guarantees that neither you as a person nor your organizational affiliation will be disclosed.

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