Executive coaching for boards of directors and management

Entrepreneurial management bodies such as the board of directors or the executive management often face a number of internal challenges that impair fast and appropriate decision-making, implementation or corporate governance:

  • The different portfolios or educational backgrounds of board members (e.g., commercial versus technical) create conflicts of interest or disagreements over resource allocation.

  • Members with several years of board experience meet new members with less experience.

  • Members with strong creative drive meet members with less creative drive.

  • • Members with strong staff or middle management support meet members with less strong support.

Due to these (quite natural) circumstances, board members often differ in their assessment of the overall situation of the company or the directions to be taken. If such differences in assessments increase, serious dangers for the economic development of the company can arise. We offer you our board coaching for this purpose.

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Goals of our board coaching

  • Optimization of the cooperation within the executive board
  • Identification of optimization potential for the organizational structure of the Executive Board
  • Optimization of employee management vis-à-vis subordinate levels
  • Identification of ways to make work easier for the Executive Board, e.g. by strengthening delegation options
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Professional board coaching empowers.

Our methods in board coaching:

  • Incident inventory / anamnesis:
    We discuss the events and challenges of the past months and analyze the causes.

  • Analysis of personal and interpersonal challenges; development of solutions.
    Using the DiSG® instrument, we determine the individual personality profiles of all parties involved and highlight the differences. Many incidents of the past months are explained by these differences, which can be easily understood by all. This provides for a significantly increased mutual understanding and thus for a clear easing of the overall situation.

  • Analysis of management challenges; development of solutions
    Many tensions in the board result from the different leadership tasks and challenges of the board members. We analyze these carefully and identify possible solutions.

  • Analysis of organizational challenges; development of solutions
    Unclear or overlapping areas of responsibility at the board level or at downstream levels are a frequent cause of tension. Together with you, we analyze and clarify the responsibilities.

  • Joint development of corporate values and principles of cooperation

    To ensure good long-term cooperation on the board, we work with you to develop values and principles for future board work.

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