Our system builds and enhances the leadership skills of current and future managers. The Five Steps allow us to accompany this process in a structured way. The consecutive training modules enable us to completly renew as well as expand an existing human resource development program. Our long-term participants succeed in anchoring leadership in the culture of an organization, thus turning leadership success in corporate success.

At the first level, a leader must be able to coordinate employees regarding concrete, more or less physical tasks. He must conceive of goals, divide a process into tasks, allocate employees, and check results. Thus Level 1 means to change role - from execution to planning and delegating; from an orientation at one's own capabilities to an orientation at others'; from one's own willpower to others' performance. These are the skills and competencies we convey at Level 1.

Goal and Task Competencies
At the second level, a leader must be able to regulate the quality of social interaction in his unit. Soft skills, empathy, flexibility, and self reflection enable him to do so. Having social and relationship competencies means to consider each employee individually and to their work on this basis.
Social and Relationship Competencies
Goal and Task Competencies
Personal Presence
Social and Relationship Competencies
Autonomy is the key to natural authority. Leaders often need to deal with representative tasks, both internal and external to the firm. For good reasons, clients, the public, the press, private acquaintances, and the top management, expect from senior managers a loyal but autonomous perspective on the company. Having a personal attitude means to depart from strict rule orientation and peer pressure. The courage for charisma means to make up one's own mind about tasks and processes, and to create followership in the firm. This is what we convey at Level 3.
Goal and Task Competencies
Personal Presence
Social and Relationship Competencies
At Level 4 we convey the imagination, courage, and instruments for leading change. Being a change leader requires a particular compentency: to position oneself in favour of an idea, and advocate change within the company, towards the skeptics. Animating employees and colleagues for change means to take risks, the risk of failure, and a possible loss of personal reputation. People take these risks only if they feel well equipped. Hence at Level 4, we draw particular attention to change management tools and leadership communication.
Goal and Task Competencies
Change Competencies
Personal Presence
Social and Relationship Competencies

The competency of cultivating leadership in the organization. Personal presence and change skills are not the end of the road. Rather, another kind of competency comes into play: to cultivate leadership in the organization in a way that your own leadership is no longer needed. We call htis the "Beyond Leadership" skill. It comprises the ability to empower others as deputies and sooner or later as successors, and to create a culture of initiative and independent thinking among subordinates.

Beyond Leadership
Goal and Task Competencies
Change Competencies

Goal and Task Competencies

Leadership 1

first time superior; role change

Are you about to jump in at the deep end? Lets get prepared together, with our leadership basic course.

Communication 1

discuss objectives and tasks without conflict

Praising, criticizing, communicating objectives or giving performance feedback: Learn the best way of communicating in any situation.

Time Management

organise and delegate

Is your time flying? Time-management skills and self-organization courses are the solution.

Project Mgmt.

lead without being superiour

Learn the fundamentals of project management and lead your project members to peak performance.

Labour Law 1

individual labour law; instruction right

Gain confidence about legal matters when dealing with employees: Our basic course in employment law.

Social and Relationship Competencies

Leadership 2

manage teams successfully

Steer safely through the balancing act of individual consideration and team success.

Communication 2

convincing in stead of persuading

Be convincing to colleagues, employees and customers by active-listening and speaking techniques.


methods and communication

Make rational and bold decisions in the face of uncertainty and multiple options.

Crosscultural Lds.

manage international teams

How to master the challenge of managing different cultures.

Conflict Management

master difficult situations

Identifying, coping with and resolving conflicts.

Personal Presence

Leadership 3

sensemaking and initiative

Analyze your company's current situation and learn to formulate a positive image of the future. Take the initiative toward this future.

Communication 3

presentation and rhetoric

Remain calm and certain when giving a speech or a presentation: the confident appearance in front of an audience.

Interview Training

speaking in public

Your preparation for the perfect media appearance.

Personal Branding

profile sharpening

It's not who you know, but who knows you. Make yourself unique by building your own brand.

Outdoor Training

leading a team in action

Test your limits: lead a team under challenging circumstances, make decisions under time pressure, and develop your personality.

Change Competencies

Leadership 4

leadership in times of change

Lead change processes in the desired direction. With our tools, change happens.

Communication 4

steer change through communication

Position yourself in times of change. Take charge of the change process.

Labour Law 2

collective employment law, works constitution

Act with certainty in legal issues. Consider the works council your partner.

Strategy Workshops

options, decision, initiation

Uncertain where the leadership journey will take the company? We assist you with all our experience and set the right environment for workshops and trainings.

Law 3

reorganisation and corporate law

In the case of mergers or acquisitions, legal expertise and experience is the cornerstone of success. Get to know the basics with our partner workshops.

To complete this leadership level, we also recommend individual coaching.


Leadership 5

culture management, lead the leaders

Establish a lasting leadership spirit in your company.

Individual Coaching

tailored to your needs

Your individual training to achieve the highest level of leadership competence.

Team Coaching

top management team coordination

Corporate management is successful if all departments act and communicate in a coordinated and non-contradictory manner.