Prof. Dr. Thomas Armbrüster

Senior Executive Trainer

Prof. Armbrüster is the Chair Professor of Knowledge Management and HR at the University of Marburg, Germany. He has been a leadership and strategy consultant for over 10 years.

Sophie Schmeißner

Managing Director

Sophie Schmeißner is the managing director of Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services GmbH. 

Thomas Scherer

Senior Executive Trainer

Since 2012, Thomas Scherer is advising managers in leadership and team management, as well as project and self management.

Bettina Schnabel

Senior Executive Trainer & Business Coach

Bettina Schnabel is working as a coach and trainer since 2012. As a certified Business Coach, she is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

André Beckers
André Beckers

Executive Trainer

André Beckers trains on leadership, digital transformation, corporate culture and change management.



Julia Bock

Executive Trainer & QM-Auditor

Since 2009, Julia Bock has been accompanying managers in seminars and trainings in her special areas of leadership, human resources management and communication.

Jeffrey Breyer

Senior Executive Trainer & Business Coach

With over 20 years experience, Jeffrey Breyer is a professional development trainer, business coach and consultant.


Daphné Schalbetter

Senior Executive Trainer


As a consultant and trainer, Daphné Schalbetter has more than 15 years of experience in executive development.

Sabine Hellwig

Senior Executive Trainer & Business Coach

With over 25 years of experience in human resource developement, Sabine Hellwigs area and expertise lies in the health industrie and public sector.

Daniel Hein

Executive Trainer

Daniel Hein is an executive trainer and expert on international personnel management and intercultural leadership culture.

Dr. Christian Klode

Executive Trainer & Reputation Expert

As a reputation expert and associate professor, Dr. Christian Klode areas of expertise are company reputation, leader reputation and personal branding.

Martin Scherer

Executive Trainer & Public Relations Expert

Martin Scherer is a coach and expert for communication, corporate communications and business presentations with great practical experience.

Arnaud Arène

Executive Trainer & Personal Coach

Arnaud Arène is an executive and personal coach. As a certified NLP Master with many years of experience, he supports managers in their personal and professional development.

Tate Morawe

Project Manager

Tate Morawe is a project manager responsible for digital leadership training and the digitization of training modules.

Melissa Motyka

Project Manager

Melissa Motyka is a project manager and responsible for our Digital Leadership Journeys.